Viagra Stories Online

It is a rare case for a person to hear about the effects of Viagra even from a dear friend. At least, this is what seems to be the norm because the little blue pill is often the subject of jokes and it is a real blow to a man’s ego if people were to find out that he had to use the aid of Viagra. The truth however, has come to change over the years since the drug was first introduced to the public and popularized in 1998. Nowadays, more and more people from all over the world are aware of the benefits of the drug, and although still not brought to public light, Viagra is now a popular choice for keeping a man’s competence in the sexual endeavor.

Viagra is more widely used than many people may think. Though many of the men will mention it half jokingly or only through hushed and secret conversations, the positive effects cannot be quieted down because of the sheer success rate of the product.

Those who wish to search for testimonials about Viagra and its effectiveness but are not courageous enough to ask friends or relatives, can simply go online. It is through the internet that interested parties can find a number of success stories that have been posted by others who have had experience with Viagra.

Most stories are from older men who are aged fifty years or above. They say that with age and all the stress that life has given them, their performance in bed has also decreased over time and they feel that they are no longer as competent as they used to be. Many tell tales of how they are no longer able to satisfy their partners, and thus, they have finally turned to the magic blue pill.

The reactions are often, if not always, from very satisfied customers. Many testimonials speak of how men in their fifties are able to perform like they used to when they were still younger. This meant that they could get an erection easily and could keep it for a far longer duration than they have for a long time.

There are also younger men who have posted their experiences with Viagra online. Most of them have turned to using the drug because they have been suffering from erectile dysfunction due to certain health conditions. Apparently, impotence is not brought about only by old age, but also by various medical reasons that can affect anybody regardless of how well they maintain themselves.

These testimonials should also be taken seriously because most of them will mention mistakes that others have made because they were ill- or misinformed. One common reminder for example is for any user of Viagra to take the drug on an empty stomach. Testimonials of those who have done otherwise have mentioned feelings of discomfort and pain, and worse, no positive effect from the drug.

There is so much that can be learned from these online testimonials, so read wisely, take Viagra seriously, and listen to what the experts have to say.

Unexpected, Unwanted Results from Using Viagra

Viagra, also known as Sildenafil, is one of the most popular and controversial drugs in recent memory. Known as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension, it is most notoriously known for being a treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, the use of this drug is associated with a number of health problems. What are the different side effects of Viagra? Who are the ones most at risk from these side effects? And what must be done to counter its negative effects?

The different side effects of Viagra use

1. Erection issues- The main reason why Viagra is used is to help men get their erection right. With the help of this drug, they can increase their performance in bed as well as their endurance. But there are occasions when the use of this drug actually resulted into other erection problems. There are situations where erections become painful. Also, the erection can last too long, with some reports pointing to erections lasting for more than 4 hours.
2. Cardiovascular issues- Abuse of this drug can result into different cardiovascular diseases, especially for those who have a history of heart issues. The most subtle symptoms can include shortness of breath and headaches. More serious and particular symptoms include chest pains, numbness in the chest and/or extremities, and irregular heartbeat.
3. Sensory alterations- An evidence of Viagra use gone wrong is a reflection of nervous issues almost immediately after taking the drug. One symptom is having memory problems right after taking the drug. More serious symptoms include the alteration or complete loss of sensory activity such as sight or hearing. When this happens, blurriness and light-headedness are both commonly experienced.

Who are the ones most at risk with having any of these side effects from Viagra use?

Technically, everyone who takes Viagra, especially those who use this drug for the first time, are prone to having any of these side effects. But some people are simply at a higher risk than others. Who are the people who are at most risk of getting Viagra side effects?

1. Those with cardiovascular problems- If a person has hypertension, asthma, lung diseases, or any heart defect/disease, chances are they can be prone to cardiovascular problems due to acute or long-term use of this drug.
2. Those who take other drugs- Just like any other drug, there is always the risk of Sildenafil having adverse interactions with other drugs. For example, those who are taking any protease inhibitor are not allowed to take Viagra because it can greatly increase Sildenafil levels in the blood, increasing the risk and severity of side effects.
3. Those who abuse the drug- More than any other drug, adverse effects are associated with abuse or overdose of Sildenafil. When consumed in excessive amounts, the risk of side effects exponentially increases. It’s the reason why these drugs must be taken under strict supervision.

If you (or some people you know) are affected by any side effect of Viagra, it’s recommended that you stop taking the drug immediately. Also, you’ll need to get the help of a physician immediately to determine any health problem that may arise.

The Viagra Experience

Men who use Viagra as the answer to their problem regarding erection are most likely embarrassed by the thought of making this fact about them known. After all, having erectile dysfunction is a punch in their ego already. However, there are still some who willingly shared their experience so [...] Continue Reading…